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Our space is modest, but always clean and cheerful, and being remodeled step-by-step.

We want all young participants to feel safe and in a familiar environment.

There are chairs and tables, piano and other musical instruments, toys. games and books for all ages.

But we also added sofas, cushions and rugs to create a comfortable space where to spend time reading, playing, thinking and learning even better.


And we also thought about the parents, who have a corner with a sofa (where you can help yourself to tea, coffee, cappuccinos and hot chocolate), and there is free wi-fi internet access, so they can rest or work while they wait.

our mascots

Anyone who likes pets and doesn´t have a specific allergy to cats (*), can easily interact with  our two pampered kittens:YoYo  (very sociable) and Minuit (very sweet and intelligent, but more distant). They were both born in 2020, and spend most of their day at the company.

(*) we always ask before someone enters, to make sure and we will keep the animals away (at home) whenever necessary and advised



1. Funcionamos com um regime de Pré-Inscrição com €50 (a descontar do valor total final).
2. Temos duas gatas ´mascotes´ muito tranquilas, meigas e bem tratadas na empresa. Em caso de alerta de algum/a participante
com alergia especifica, poderemos manter as mascotes noutro local durante as activiodades, se fôr útil.

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