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Training course and integrated internship (paid) in Science Teaching

Intensive course and integrated internship (paid) in Science teaching for graduates in Education, or for Early Childhood Educators and Teachers of Basic Education 1st and 2nd cycles who want to develop specific skills in Science Teaching to children and young people.

The program includes an intensive course (theoretical classes) paid for by the trainees, followed by the possibility of carrying out an internship  during the summer months.  supervised by a Professor with many years of international experience in teaching science to children and young people, and  certified as initial teacher trainer in science education.

Preferred factors :

1. Proficiency in written and spoken Portuguese, English, and French. Other additional languages are a plus.
2. Interest in playful and interdisciplinary pedagogical methodologies.
3. Specific taste in one (or more) of the following areas of knowledge: Educational Sciences, Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Geology. Other areas and valences welcome.

MODULES (30 hours)

1 . Science versus Science
2. Interdisciplinarity
3. Science and Creativity
4. Scientific dissemination and scientific literacy
5. Teaching science 22nd century style
6. STEM - STEAM - STREAM valences



Finalist students in Education, Elementary School Teachers (1st and 2nd cycles),  Kindergarten Educators.
Teachers from other areas who want to explore new teaching-learning methodologies, and expand their knowledge in an interdisciplinary way.

PRICE: €920

The base price is intended for trainees who only want to complete the theoretical modules, but do not want to do the internship with us.

The course with an integrated (paid) internship is intended for trainees who intend to complete the 3 months of training modules (from the beginning of April to the end of June) and do the paid integrated internship (during the months of July and August), with the issuance of an end-of-internship certificate, if successful.  In this case, they partially recover the initial cost of the course.

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