The name STELLARIA and a little history


Shell of Stellaria solaris , which inspired the name of the company.

Latin Stella means star.

We hope that this name will inspire our participants to be well-formed people, with team spirit and independent thinking skills, adaptable and determined in the face of new social, cultural, environmental, technical and scientific challenges.

We thank Luis Fonseca for the care and dedication he showed in creating our logo.


The creation of the micro-enterprise STELLARIA CIÊNCIA & ARTE Lda., in particular the CEI (Interdisciplinary Educational Centre), operating since May 2019 in Lisbon (Portugal), and its predecessor STELLARIA YOUNG MINDS Ltd., created in London (England) in 2016, they originated:

a) in the Ciência Viva de Verão programs prepared and coordinated by the founding partner in the early 2000s

b) in the Environmental Awareness, Biodiversity and Fun Science programs for young people at an international level, also developed and coordinated by the founding partner during the years 2000-2015.

c) the long years of experience of the founding partner as a teacher and researcher in education interdisci plinar, as a training of trainers (educad ores of Childhood INSTANCE, 1st and 2nd cycles teachers), and as a teacher and supervisor of naked Solid training courses in teaching science to practicing teachers.

d) and in the basic training of the founding partner, who was lucky enough to be able to grow up in a multidisciplinary environment from an early age, which allowed her to complete her training and work professionally as a scientist, as a musician, and as a sportsperson.

The awards and mentions won over the years, internationally, gave greater meaning to the project and inspired us to always seek to learn more and evolve with meaning,