The team


Isabel Canto de Loura 

Functions :

  • CEO  and Pedagogical Director

  • STEM/STREAM Teacher  

  • cello teacher

  • Opera School Coordinator

  • Conductor of the Junior Cello Ensemble

  • English teacher

Mini CV :

Biologist, with Master's and PhD in Biological Oceanography, PhD in Technological Biolpgoa  branch of Marine Biotechnology and Phycology (ie Algae). She also holds a postgraduate degree at  Renewable Energies: Hydro-energy and Marine Energies. Socialist in Sustainability (ESG) for companies and Natural Resource Management,

Professor and principal investigator in national and foreign ESEs and Universities since 1992.

Certified by the IEFP as a teacher trainer in Science Teaching since 1998.

Diving instructor (PADI SCUBA diving) specializing in teaching children and young people.

He began music studies at age 3 at FMAC and at age 5 at Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, where he studied Viola de Gamba, Piano and Cello, and was part of the Gulbenkian Children's Choir since its formation in 1962. He completed the general course in Music at the Conservatory Lisbon National Music Institute,   (main instrument: Cello) of the Lisbon National Music Conservatory. He joined the Orq, Sinfónica Juvenil as a cello tutti  , and at the age of 16 he joined the Gulbenkian Choir as 2nd soprano of the Gulbenkian Choir. She participated as a student in several master classes of cello and baroque cello in Portugal, France, and England. 

<as a child and youth, she studied in British schools, completed the Proficiency in English course at the age of 16 , and lived in England for many years, having also completed her training with distinction as a TEFL Teacher specializing in teaching English to children. Worked as an English teacher  at the Kids Club; and at British Council Centers in London, and also specialized in teaching  Technical English/Business English, having trained and worked as a Wall Street lecturer - companies.



Patricia Passinha

mini CV

Graduated in Biology from ULHT, with a master's degree in Conservation Biology and a postgraduate degree in Science Communication, now doing an integrated master's degree in Veterinary Medicine.

Experience as a Science Monitor and Communicator in a Biotechnology Research Laboratory. A promoter of informal education projects in Baixo Alentejo, and experience in carrying out scientific activities (biology, chemistry, physics, ecology, botany, microbiology, bromatology) for children and young people (from preschool to university education), with an educational approach informal and development and implementation of recreational-scientific activities complementary to formal school education.

Functions :

  • STEM/STREAM Monitor  

  • Science Communicator

Sellaria solaris

Joana Mendes Vitorino

Assistant   STEM/STREAM 

mini CV

Student and Physical Engineering at the Faculty of Sciences of Universodade in Lisbon.


Liliana Correia


Physical Education Teacher

mini CV

"Physical Education and Sports student, I'm 21 years old and I love thinking about and doing activities with children! I've already prepared some activities with children with special needs, and Children's Day activities with different themes, such as recycling, animals, the environment , themes that develop children's abilities and sensitivity."


Mafalda Gonçalves

Assistant   STEM/STREAM 




Escolinha de Opera
Sofia de Castro

Teacher at the Opera STELLARIA School

Course  Superior of Music (Lyrical Singing) by the National Conservatory of Music in Lisbon

Co-founder and director of the Lisbon Music School

During her career as an opera singer, she has worked with renowned national and international conductors and opera singers.

LANGUAGES: Portuguese, English, French




Diogo Brandão Soares

Transverse flute teacher

He studied at the Espinho Professional School of Music, and at the  Lemmensinstituut - LUCA School of Arts (Belgium).

Licensed by the Superior National Academy of Orchestra.

He collaborated with several orchestras, conductors and national and international artists.

He was guided by some of the most renowned musicians in his field.

LANGUAGES: Portuguese, English, French




João Miguel Sousa

Trumpet Teacher

Masters in Music Teaching: Trumpet by Nossa Senhora do Cabo Music School (EMNSC)

Currently he is part of the Light Army Orchestra.

Born in Baião,  began his musical studies at age 11, at the Escola de Música da Banda Marcial de Ancede. He continued his studies at the Conservatory of Music in Porto.

He attended a degree in Trumpet at the Lisbon Superior School of Music, under the guidance of professors Stephen Mason and David Burt. In 2020 he completed a Masters in Music Teaching - Trumpet at the same school.

He participated in several Masterclasses and Improvement Stages, with trumpet players Jorge Almeida, Pierre Dutot, Sérgio Pacheco, Giuliano Sommerhalder, Michael Sachs, Clément Saunier, Kevin Wauldron, Sérgio Charrinho, Fred Sautter, Christopher Deacon, Telmo Barbosa, Nuno Silva, João Pedro Villain, Pedro Tavares, João Mogo, Gileno Santana, Pacho Flores and Fabio Brum. 

He was awarded in several internal competitions (2008, 2009, 2011, 2012 and 2013), at the Conservatório de Música do Porto, in the categories of Wind - Metals and Chamber Music. He was also the winner of the “Bolsa BPI” competition, in 2012, at the Conservatório de Música do Porto. He was also awarded in 2012, in the Youth category, in the Trumpet competition, in Póvoa de Varzim and was a finalist in the Yamaha Scholarship in 2015.

Collaborated with several orchestras:  Northern Orchestra; Orchestra of Almada; Youth Symphony Orchestra; Zurich Youth Symphony Orchestra; WESO (West European Symphony Orchestra); Youth Orchestra of the Official National Music Conservatories (OJ.Com);  Wind, Symphony, Chamber Music and Jazz Orchestras, at the Conservatório de Música do Porto; Wind Orchestras, Symphony and Trumpet and Metal Ensemble, from the Lisbon Superior School of Music;

He is also part of the Baião Wind and Percussion Orchestra, under which he performed solo in 2015 under the direction of conductor José Eduardo Gomes.

He is currently a member of the Light Army Orchestra and teaches Trumpet and Piano at Colégio São Tomás.

LANGUAGES: Portuguese, English, French.




Svetlana Potemkina

Sculpture and Painting Teacher for Children and Youth

LANGUAGES: Portuguese, English, French, Russian