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The JUNIOR SCIENTISTS  programme is aimed at children from 5 to 9 years (approx.)

It runs during all school holidays (Summer, Halloween, Christmas, Carnival-February and Easter/Spring) in blocks of  5 days:  Monday to Friday, from 8:30 am  to 4:30 pm(*)


 (*) Young participants can arrive from 8.10AM and may stay until 6PM,

but after 5PM we charge €5  per 30mins.

Preference is given to registrations per week.

Participation for just one or a few days depends on availability of place for that week.

Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs

Ovos de Páscoa

Idas ao Jardim da Estrela

Idas ao Jardim da Estrela

Idas ao Jardim da Estrela




Christmas Tree Ornament

Christmas Tree Ornament





Interdisciplinary thematic activities centered on science (mostly maths, physics, biology, mineralogy,  and geography, although subject areas such as history, as well as visual and manual arts are often addressed too).

Sessions and support material will be in ENGLISH,  PORTUGUESE and FRENCH.

We explore different themes each week,

to guarantee new challenges to participants of sequential weeks.

The general daily plan is as follows:

  • Front desk

  • day planning and task distribution

  • activities related to the theme 

  • (MORNING SNACK) It isgames

  • continuation of activity OR local departure (Jardim da Estrela/Jardim da Parada, or other) for physical activity  and healthy and fun games,  and observation and data collection thematic, as applicable


  • continuation of activity

  • SNACKS and games

  • consolidation of the theme and arrangement of material

  • games/activities ad libitum

  • balance of the day and suggestions  

 IN THE SUMMER  the weekly schedule is usually

  • monday_ start of the project 

  • 3rd fair, 4th fair, and 5th fair_ development of the project, and if the parents agree, one day(**)for study trip

  • friday_ finalize the project and balance of the week 

(**) planned departures will be subject to an additional cost of €8, to cover specific insurance and transport expenses

Food  (lunch and snack) OPTIONAL: see Price List, and Terms and Conditions.


Participation on separate days depends on youexisting waters.


1. Funcionamos com um regime de Pré-Inscrição com €50 (a descontar do valor total final).
2. Temos duas gatas ´mascotes´ muito tranquilas, meigas e bem tratadas na empresa. Em caso de alerta de algum/a participante
com alergia especifica, poderemos manter as mascotes noutro local durante as actividades, se fôr útil.

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