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PROJECT-S for  "PRE-TEEN" YOUNGSTERS (9-10 to 13 y.o.)

The PROJECTO-S  program runs in weekly blocks (i.e. blocks of 5 sequential days each:Monday to Friday, from 8:30 am * to 4:30 pm **)  during the summer months. 



Activities are planned in such a way as to stimulate the will to investigate and learn, to reinforce team spirit., and  develop multi- and inter-disciplinary skills (for example, the need to integrate concepts from Mathematics, Physics, Biology and Biotechnology, Informatics, Geography, Ecology, Resource Management_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_, Project planning and management, Scientific and laboratory design).
And they can also involve other areas of knowledge, such as History (namely History of Science, Drawing, Music, Poetry, Sports...).


The central theme is chosen by the group, and to be treated in an interdisciplinary way, but with a scientific focus and explored in a creative way through the project learning methodology.



Outlining a project (even a simple project) requires learning.

A PROJECT is a well-defined plan of the set of actions, materials and human capital needed to achieve a final result (objective) with meaning and value, whether for the person designing the project, for the team or for other people.

Having to work on a project from start to finish helps to acquire and improve, for example, the skills of:

  • observation

  • investigation

  • organization

  • reflection 

  • creativity

  • independence

  • leadership

and simultaneously encourages team spirit and sharing, critical analysis, and the capacity for synthesis and public presentation.

Possibility of a study/observation/sample collection trip (depending on the theme)

In case of study trip, it will be the area close to Lisbon (for example: Museums in Belém, Praia de Sao João do Estoril, or Sintra), and the route will be made by public transport (bus, train as applicable)

OPTIONAL :  The program may include Meals (full lunch and snack)  »» see Pricing, Terms and Conditions

 (*) Young participants may arrive from 8:10  AM.

(**) NOTE : From 5PM to 6.30 PM  you will be charged €5  for each additional 30 mins ,

Minimum number of participants: 4

Maximum number of participants: 10


1. We request a €50  enrollment fee  (which will be deducted once you pay for the full fee).
2. We have on site two mascots (two gentle cats). Please alert us if there is any concern or allergy, and we will ensure the cats will stay at home and away from the premises when you or your kids plan to be here. 

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