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Learning beyond school

It has been worrying to note that there seems to be an increasing number of children between 5 and 11/12  anos,  who have not yet mastered the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic.

Without these skills, they will certainly have greater difficulties in schooling, and will be more likely to give up on new learning and other future challenges.

The potential reasons for this are diverse, including "new" pedagogical concepts and methodologies, or the option of parents/guardians not to intervene with what the school provides, or impose learning.

Our LEARN BEYOND SCHOOL program consists of :

  • discover what motivates and fascinates each child, and encourage them to explore their own skills

  • find alternative and fun solutions, to stimulate a taste for the adventure of learning more and better

  • provide personalized attention and individualized support, whether sessions are one-on-one or in small groups

  • use the most appropriate methodology(s) in each case, and at each moment

  • work rigorously but informally, without pressure, and on a regular basis (essential!)

  • holding sessions both indoors and outdoors, in order to promote meaningful teaching, which can be connected to what surrounds us.

  • constant monitoring, always seeking to ensure the involvement of parents or guardians along the way.

OPTIONS to be defined for each case:

  • individual lessons / em  groups of 2 / in groups of 3 / in groups of 4 / in groups of 5 (same grade level)

  • education level: from kindergarten (3 years) and pre-primary, up to 12th grade

  • face-to-face (recommended) / online / hibrido  (ie online and face-to-face classes)

  • in Portuguese / English / French

  • regularity: 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 sessions per week

  • time: to be defined, between 8 am and 9 pm (Portugal time)

  • tuition fees paid per academic year or per quarter (please consult our price list )

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